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G.S. Cookie Boycott

2004 Girl Scout Cookie Boycott in Waco

What Precipitated the 2004 Controversy?

            In 2004, Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council was headquartered in Waco, Texas and served fourteen counties in Central Texas. (Subsequently, the Bluebonnet Council was absorbed into a larger Girl Scout council.) There were three reason for the boycott.
           First, for nine years, the Bluebonnet Council had co-sponsored the Nobody's Fool summer sex education program. This event is offered to Waco-area teens and pre-teens by Planned Parenthood Waco. Planned Parenthood Waco launched an abortion facility in Waco in 1994 and by 2004 had committed nearly 10,000 abortions. With its sponsorship of Nobody's Fool, the Bluebonnet Council placed the national Girl Scout logo on the program flyer and advertisements. Girl Scout employees also served as volunteers for the Nobody's Fool. Nobody's Fool was characterized by an. The 
"anything goes", nonjudgmental approach to child sexuality claim to promote abstinence is totally out of character for Planned Parenthood. Rather than abstinence, planned promiscuity is a much more accurate discription.

          Second, the 2003 Nobody’s Fool became even more objectionable when program began giving youngsters in grades 7-9 the outrageous sex education (promotion) book, It's Perfectly Normal, by Robie Harris. The book is an assault on Christian sexual morality and is borderline pornography, if not over the border. Click above for a short article about the themes of the book. The central message of the It's Perfectly Normal book is that any sexual activity you can imagine in any type of relationship is p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y  n-o-r-m-a-l. There are chapters on homosexuality, masturbation, contraception, and abortion. The chapter on abortion gives "nine good reasons why women have abortions." We do not include the provocative and outrageous drawings of this book on this web site for obvious reasons. You are encouraged to examine the book for yourself. The book is available (sadly) from many public libraries. It is also sold at book stores and by on-line booksellers.
          The third development that lead to the boycott happened in May of 2003 when the Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council bestowed on CEO of Planned Parenthood Waco the honor of "Woman of Distinction." These are women held up as role models for young girls. Since the Planned Parenthood CEO managed the abortion facility in Waco, the implication was the some Girl Scout might grow up and one day and have the stature of managing a business killing per-born girls and boys! At the time of the Woman of Distinction honor, Planned Parenthood had commited nearly 10,000 abortions.
          These three elements of Girl Scout entanglement with Planned Parenthood led Pro-Life Waco to launch a Waco-area boycott in early February of 2004. Victory was achieved in less than three weeks.

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