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Nobody's Fool


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Nobody’s Fool--after 23 years--has been "aborted." 

Planned Parenthood's dangerous sex event is closed forever!!.


        Planned Parenthood Waco "aborted" the 23-year run of Nobody's Fool as reported on
April 12 by KWTX-TV. Nobody's Fool was a one-day summer sex ed program marketed
to children entering grades 5 through 9.
        Nobody's Fool was the first Planned Parenthood program of its kind in the U. S.
Planned Parenthood in Waco regarded Nobody's Fool as its hallmark achievement.

      For two decades pro-lifers worked to shine the light on Nobody's Fool. Pro-Life Waco
created a website, to expose the reality of Planned
Parenthood's sex education.

      The shuttering of Nobody's Fool came on the heels of our campaign to convince the Waco YMCA to dis-invite a Planned Parenthood speaker from YMCA's April 6 Girl's Day 2013. YMCA leadership capitulated in less than 48 hours.

      Strategies for the annual challenge to Nobody's Fool included yard signs, billboards, the billboard truck, letters to the editor, radio ads, and dozens of pro-lifers at the Waco Convention Center site. Some held signs. Others counseled parents with children to turn away.

     The height of Nobody's Fool tension came in 2004 when Pro-Life Waco launched a boycott of Girl Scout cookie sales. Waco's Bluebonnet Girl Scout Council sponsored Nobody's Fool for several years. The boycott implode exploded into a national news story. Following a torrent of controversy, Waco's Girl Scout affiliate cut all ties with Planned Parenthood Waco.

     The demise of Nobody's Fool was not a total surprise. Pro-Life Waco counted just 65 children entering the Waco Convention Center at the final event in 2012. Planned Parenthood claim that past yearly attendance reached over 500.

What is Nobody's Fool? The real scoop for 2009. 3 minutes

Christian radio ad invitation to participate in our Nobody's Fool demonstration

Promotional flyer for the VERY LAST Nobody's Fool conference in Waco

PLW's Pisciotta editorial sets off ten-day erruption in WacoTrib: Dueling editorials and 11 letters to the editor 
The hot topic was "Health, Happy and HOT" from International PP
John Pisciotta talk show interview with Lynn Woolley on Nobody's Fool 2010

Demonstration at Central National Bank: A Nobody's Fool Underwriter
Nobody's Fools suggested smut resources for children

       On the evening before Nobody’s Fool, News10 in Waco featured a live interaction
(mini-debate) between PLW’s John Pisciotta and the CEO of Planned Parenthood,
Pam Smallwood. The news segment was short but very lively. Watch below.