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Planned Parenthood local affiliates “serving” your children

Let’s turn to the 80 or so Planned Parenthood affiliates corrupting children in a town or city near you. Pro-Life Waco has for years battled Planned Parenthood of Central Texas, which has two business facilities in Waco.

Starting out with a PG13 rating, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut has offered condom key chains (pictured
here). The key chains with a compartment for an ever ready condom have numerous themes, including “Touch of Life” from the Sistine Chapel.

A California Planned Parenthood affiliate has produced “fornicate safely” ads for television. 
Here is one that aired on MTV. Another video production has been cartoons starring the "Superhero for Choice." This female super hero flies from San Francisco to DC and to Africa encouraging promiscuity and "choice." Along the way she zaps some pro-life demonstrators with her special condom gun. Here is an 8-minute cartoon feature. (These video features were created by Planned Parenthood of the Golden Gate (PPGG), which had folded as a Planned Parenthood affiliate. The problems that led to disaffiliation by PPFA were mismanagement and financial fraud.  At no time did PPFA express reservations about PPGG's promotion of promiscuity through its video creations.)

This one from Corpus Christi (Body of Christ), Texas breaks my heart.  Each year, Planned Parenthood of South Texas sponsors a fashion show under the title
Project Slicker: Condom Fashion Show. Young women model apparel they create under one groundrule: the visible material must be condoms of various colors. The prize for the winning fashion is $500. Here is a 3-minute video of the 2010 competition. You can get the basic idea by watching 30 seconds.  I do have misgivings about presenting the foul reality of what Planned Parenthood thinks is admirable behavior. Still, I think we must face up to how depraved Planned Parenthood is.

Turning in the direction of X-rating, nothing surpasses from Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette (Washington). This thoroughly vile and disgusting site contains 9 vignettes, involving five teen actors and one adult actor. You will not see sexual acts on screen. I won’t describe the content. Seeing takecaredownthere is believing. The vignettes are so depraved, they are hard to watch. I have endured to pain of watching and creating transcripts of all the vignettes. You can read them here. Takecaredownthere may be easier to take by reading than by watching.

Our local affiliate in Waco, Planned Parenthood of Central Texas, has distinguished itself by delivering an annual half-day sex promotion conference for children entering grades 5 through 9. The name of the event, which Pro-Life Waco protests every year, is Nobody’s Fool. This name implies that the highest achievement regarding the gift of sex is to be “nobody’s fool.” Just one of the low points of Nobody’s Fool was giving a book, entitled
Its Perfectly Normal, to children attending Nobody’s Fool. The book’s theme is that anything sexual that you can imagine, and much that you will imagine with the seeds planted by Planned Parenthood, is “perfectly normal.” The book can be purchased at for about $10. (Know your enemy.) This “children’s book” was rejected for the libraries of the state of Washington prison system because it was judged to be pornographic. Here are some provocative drawings (with cover ups) contained in It’s Perfectly Normal. I sent this file to a local printer to get copies. He refused to print such pornographic content. I then placed cover circles over private body parts.  He still refused.  I can understand his reluctance.  However, it is important for us all to understand the evil and dangerous plans that Planned Parenthood has for our children. Here is a chapter of the book which presents nine good reasons why moms abort their babies.  How is that for planting seeds in minds of future customers? You will not be surprised to find here that the book and Planned Parenthood gush with support for children exploring and committed to homosexuality.   Here are some quotes from It’s Perfectly NormalHere is an article I wrote on It’s Perfectly Normal
. In 2006, Nobody’s Fool stopped giving the book to children because of the bad publicity.

The web site of Planned Parenthood of Central Texas has a recommended list of on-line resources for parents and children (
here). In 2010 and prior years, Planned Parenthood in Waco has endorsed
takecaredownthere from their sister affiliate in Washington. Again responding to negative publicity, in 2011 Planned Parenthood in Waco has removed takecaredownthere and some other highly objectionable sites from their recommended resource list.

It is beyond deception that the 2011 promotional flyer for Nobody’s Fool claims that the program goals are:
     -- to encourage abstinence
     -- to promote parent-child communication
     -- to give medically accurate and age-appropriate information

Does this make you mad?  It sure makes me mad.  What a devouring beast Planned Parenthood is!  From top to bottom and from east to west, Planned Parenthood promotes promiscuity—stealing lives and souls, while depositing revenue in its bank account.

Let us all stand up to and fight Planned Parenthood in our communities, in our states, in our nation, and the world. The challenge is huge. The stakes are high. At the local level, let no Planned Parenthood clinic operate without a vigorous challenge from pro-life Christians. This should be the case even if no abortions are committed at the clinic. Planned Parenthood’s promotion of promiscuity is even more foundational than its marketing of abortion.

This web page has presented much unsettling material from Planned Parenthood. From all this information and more, I have discerned ten strategies in Planned Parenthood’s agenda to steal and destroy our children. Click
here to see Planned Parenthood’s 10-Point Agenda for Children.

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