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Planned Promiscuity


Planned Parenthood Promiscuity 
corrupting your community,
America, and the world.

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco

Using Planned Parenthood’s own words and
deeds, this page unmasks their agenda for children
as the "Celebration of Fornication.”



Planned Parenthood organizations operating in our communities are affiliates (franchisees) of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) headquartered in Washington. PPFA in turn is an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) headquartered in London. "Birds of a feather flock together." These birds are dangerous, vile, and have a strategy for remaking human society in ways that extinguish all vestiges of Christian sexual morality. Their stance on sexuality -- “anything goes at any age” -- strikes at the heart of family life. With family decline, children lose their nurturing environment for spiritual growth and society loses its foundational building blocks. This web page exposes the sordid reality of Planned Promiscuity at all levels.

To help keep this disturbing information in perspective, I present my conclusions about Planned Parenthood now. Click here to see Planned Parenthood’s 10-Point Agenda for Children.

What follows is almost unbelievable material that unmasks Planned Parenthood schemes to capture our children and grandchildren. When I think I have understood how bad this organization is, they always surprise me and reveal they are even worse. In deceptive statements, Planned Parenthood may claim to promote abstinence. In reality this
wolf in sheep skin promotes promiscuity and its own profit and power.

I have come to believe that promotion of promiscuity is more central to the “DNA” of Planned Parenthood than abortion. Going back to its founder, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood has always promoted free sex and attempted to melt away the roles of parents and religion. Abortion can be seen as a pernicious outgrowth of the corrupted belief that promiscuity can be lived without difficult consequences. Moreover, to the extent that Christians can turn themselves and others from promiscuity to chastity, abortion fades away. As self-giving love, commitment, and marriage strengthen, the holocaust recedes.

This web page contains a lot of content and the content will be outside the comfort zone for most of you. I suggest you read through the page and check out some of the links. Come back for additional eye-opening doses later. Do come back. We did not jump into the pro-life movement to live lives full of comfort and tranquility.

Illegal actions by Planned Parenthood
are not
 topics of this page. In recent months and years, likely criminal activities of Planned Parenthood affiliates have received much needed attention.  As related to children, illegal actions of Planned Parenthood include facilitating underage sex (statutory rape), facilitating child prostitution, and circumventing abortion laws requiring parental notification or consent. These topics are worthy of your attention and action. What you will find below are the pathetic Planned Parenthood initiatives to children that are within the bounds of current civil law but far outside the bounds of moral law as revealed by the Bible and by nature.

The label Planned Parenthood gives to its "just do it" approach to teen and pre-teen sex is "comprehensive sex education." An excellent presentation and critique of comprehensive sex education is
"The Failure of Sex Eduction" by Barbara Defoe Whitehead, which appeared in The Atlantic Magazine. You may want to read it (here) before going on to the degrading ways that Planned Parenthood evangelizess for comprehensive sex education.


What you will see on the other pages of Planned Promiscuity (accessible through the navigation panel in the upper right corner of this page) is Planned Parenthood materials that shockingly promotes promiscuity at all three organizational levels––international, national, and local affiliates. For each, you will find links to numerous print, internet, and video publications.

To give you a foretaste of this distasteful material, I offer one link now for each level.

International Planned Parenthood Federation released in 2010
Healthy, Happy, and HOT
, a booklet guiding HIV-positive youngsters in promiscuous lives. Here is my brief summary of disturbing and dangerous points made by IPPF.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America offers a how-to website for teens promoting anything goes sex. 
Here a junior high boy asks if it's okay to view pornography. PPFA suggests the more positive word “erotica” and gives its blessing to the youngster as long as he keeps his grades up.

Our own Planned Parenthood Waco is the example at the affiliate level. At its annual youth conference called Nobody's Fool, Planned Parenthood has given to children the book It's Perfectly NormalHere is a page of drawings of boys and girls from the book. I have placed cover-up spots on the pictures so I cannot be accused of distributing pornography.

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