Pro-Life Waco L-O-C-A-L activism R US


Some of what we do: The heartbeat of Pro-Life Waco is our Second Sunday luncheon meetings.  We enjoy fellowship and plan our moves to advance the Culture of Life.  We have countered Planned Parenthood on abortion days until their abortuary thankfully closed in August of 2013. Nearly 20,000 innocent lives were lost before this local holocaust ended. We have also challenged Planned Parenthood's yearly sex education (promotion) conference called Nobody's Fool. After 23 years, this program closed in 2013. The Nobody's Fool challenge of 2004 lead to a successful Girl Scout cookie boycott. Some less confrontational  initiatives are a monthly Life Chain , a great HOT fair booth, and a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil each spring.  We are now challenging the Komen Race for the Cure because of grants to Planned Parenthood.  We use yard signs and  billboards. Our billboard truck is named "Carolyn" after Carolyn Knowles, the grandmother of the pro-life movement in Waco.

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